Wyze Sonz Entertainment (WSE) is an independent record label/entertainment company founded in 2003; the genesis of the company came from the complexity and constant change in the music business and the need of the founder to fully creatively control his artistic endeavors and adapt to industry changes.

WSE has dedicated itself to the independent movement and has continued to adhere to the “each one, teach one” motto, by educating the artists we work with. Wyze Sonz Entertainment strives to be a self-sufficient label by relying on our creativity and employing new technology to reach our fans.

Our main objective at Wyze Sonz Entertainment is to provide an avenue for independent artists who seek longevity to express themselves while bringing to the world great music that crosses boundaries. The team at Wyze Sonz Entertainment is fully equipped with the tools required for success in today’s changing industry, thus providing our artists the peace of mind to concentrate on their music.

In its decade and over of existence, Wyze Sonz Entertainment continues to release music from artists who are not compromised and reflect the true essence of the genre they are in. By staying consistent with our releases and continue being creative and productive, we will make our artists household names through our grassroots and social marketing; Wyze Sonz Entertainment is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.