Xnazzy J

Xnazzy J is a fast-rising Nigerian Afrobeat’s/Dancehall recording artist overflowing with potential and destined for international stardom. He was born Jeremiah Tyolumun in Benue State, Nigeria, and hails from a family of four.

Xnazzy’s love for music began at a very young age during his secondary school days. His love and desire for music has given him the motivation to pursue a career in music irrespective of the instability of the music industry.

He is a well-rounded entertainer as he has performed as a backup dancer and singer for other artists before deciding to become a front man. Xnazzy J has honed his musical talent previously as a signee to Grand Master Planner (GMP) and Dread Empire.

He has performed at the FFF (Fresh Fish Festival) alongside notable Nigerian artists. Xnazzy J is debuting to the world with his entertaining international single, Pocho.